Help guard the online life of your family

We create safe spaces online that protect kids from harmful content like graphic violence, malware, illegal sites, and pornography.


Pornography can be highly addictive and destructive. It is one of the biggest social issues on the Internet and can lead to a greater risk of depression, detachment, and unhealthy relationships.

Online Gambling

Much like its real-life counterpart, online gambling typically involves betting large amounts of real money.

Parental Control

Safe Surfer helps you manage the online safety risks your family can face every day.

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It’s easy for children to be accidentally exposed to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. Using age-appropriate analogies based on the lively real-life ocean, Kyle the Kingfish educates kids in a fun way on how they can stay safe in the digital surf.

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Surf the Internet without fear

Safe Surfer enables you to protect your family from pornography and other harmful online content.

It’s easy to use and features the ability to block 50+ categories, giving you control over what can be accessed—no matter whether it’s groups of websites, or even the latest games and social media apps!