Setting up parental controls

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Blog

A plethora of parental control solutions are available on the market for many different kinds of devices—Android, iOS / iPadOS, Windows, macOS, the list goes on! But which one should you choose?

Different solutions tend to have their own strengths and weaknesses. The team at Safe Surfer have been working to create solutions that are not only effective, but are also affordable. If you want to skip the brief, check out the Safe Surfer website to see what features and tools we can provide for protecting devices.

We’re tired of solutions that don’t work very well. That’s why we’ve worked to create a live filter system that can update 24/7 with the latest threats—no changes needed by you! Our system blocks two million pornographic domains—and counting! The team is also aware of the frequency of new apps and platforms being released, so our systems have the ability to add these to our online parental controls dashboard very fast.

Device bedtimes can be of great help, so our online dashboard can help with this too! You’re in control of what times a device can access the Internet, or perhaps groups of specific apps and websites.

Setup parental controls and improve the digital life of your children with Safe Surfer

Safe Surfer works hard to provide you with the best online protection experience possible—we even use the latest tech behind-the-scenes! Find out about how to protect yourself and your family from harmful online content by visiting our website.